Invitation: PRECORE challenge

We cordially invite you to participate at this year’s installments of the PRECORE challenge.

Held at this years CogSci (, the PRECORE challenge invites researchers to compete in developing models that accurately predict individual human reasoning.

In this year’s challenge, participants tackle the domain of syllogistic reasoning, i.e., the question which mechanisms drive human inferences about quantified statements (“All A are B; All B are C; What follows?”). Submitted models are evaluated based on the accuracy of their predictions when compared to human responses. Development and testing of models is facilitated by the CCOBRA framework which provides benchmarking tools for Python and datasets. The framework does not impose restrictions on model formalisms as long as predictions for individual syllogistic problems can be generated.

Additional information about the challenge can be found on its website:

Send us an email if you have questions or want to be kept notified about updates:

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