CALL FOR PAPERS – Anna’s AI Anthology. How to live with smart machines?

Deadline: 15.09.2023

Editor: Anna Strasser, DenkWerkstatt Berlin | Publisher: xenomoi Verlag, Berlin

This anthology is inspired by the hybrid workshop ‘Human and Smart Machines as Partners in Thought?’ organized by Anna Strasser & Eric Schwitzgebel in May 2023 at UC Riverside. Invited and confirmed authors are Daniel Dennett, Eric Schwitzgebel, Henry Shevlin, Joshua Rust, Keith Frankish, Michael Wilby, Ophelia Deroy, Paula Droege, and Sven Nyholm.

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT or other AI systems have been the subject of widespread discussion. This book project aims to deliver a comprehensive collection of philosophical analyses of our interactions with AI systems, their capacities, and their impact on our society.

To address these issues, the following questions might serve as an inspiration:

(1) //How should we describe interactions with AI systems?/ (tool use | “social kinds” | conversational partners | intermediate category)

(2) //What capacities can we ascribe to AI systems? /(e.g., agency (linguistic actions in conversations | producing text | making decisions); rationality (instrumental/reflective | mental representations | thinking | comprehension); consciousness – desires – sentience)

(3) What impact will AI systems have on our society?

  • challenging traditional distinctions between thinking partners and tools that merely produce strings of words
  • emotional and intuitive pull to treat AI systems as sentient
  • regulations – responsibility – control

Everyone who wants to participate in the CFP is encouraged to watch the videos of the workshop!

  • Please send an abstract with max. 1000 words as Pdf- or Word document plus a short biographical note to:
  • Please use the following subject when submitting: Submission for CFP Anna’s AI anthology

Formal details and further information:

Tentative timeline:

Deadline for abstracts: 15.09.2023 | Acceptance: 15.10.2023 | Deadline full paper: 24.12.2023 | Intended publication date: January/February 2024

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