The goals of GK are laid out in its bylaws, which have so far given rise to the following activities:

  • GK members receive the international journal Cognitive Processing published by Springer-Verlag
  • organization of the KogWis conferences and the support of publications related to these conferences
  • participation in the organization of other Cognitive science schools and conferences in Europe, in particular the Interdisciplinary College (IK)
  • the preparation and publication of assessments of the prospects for professional practice, education, and research in cognitive science, where necessary with the help of dedicated committees
  • the preparation of position papers and expert evaluations concerning issues of cognitive science research and education
  • the compilation of overviews of current information on cognitive science events, which are distributed via email and the world-wide web to the members of GK
  • cooperation with related scientific organizations (for example, the German Informatics Society (GI) and the German Psychological Society (DGPs) ), for instance with respect to the joint organization of sessions at their respective conferences
  • the establishment of prizes for the recognition of outstanding contributions to interdisciplinary cognitive science research
  • encouragement of the consideration of ethical and social issues in discussions of cognitive science technologies

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