The membership in the Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft (GK) (Society of Cognitive Science) can be requested with a form (see below). Since the requested information is kept to a minimum, filling out the form does not require more than a few minutes. Please send the completed application form via mail.

We ask for your understanding that the processing of application forms occasionally takes some time (approximately 4-6 weeks). If the admission date is critical, for example due to a conference with discounts for GK members, you can send your completed application forms in advance to vorstand(at) via e-mail.

Procedure for a new application for membership:

  1. Decide whether you would like to apply for a student membership or an ordinary membership (see statute). Only students in their Bachelor, Master, or Diploma studies can apply for student memberships. PhD-students who have a full position equivalent to postdoc salary qualify for an ordinary membership. Otherwise they can apply for student membership
  2. Please fill in the application form for student respectively ordinary membership. You can download the form as pdf file and print it afterwards.
  3. Please do not forget to sign the application form!
  4. Give a direct debit authorization (SEPA-mandate) for the yearly membership fee. For the mandate your signature is necessary as well.
  5. Send the application form and the SEPA-mandate via mail to the address mentioned in the form.
  6. In case of an application for a student membership please do not forget to attach a current certificate of enrolment.

Procedure for changing contact information:

• If you would like to change your contact details (address, e-mail address, etc.) please write an e-mail to the secretary (sf(at)


Membership fee

• for Student members 30 €
• for ordinary members 70 €

The GK executive board asks all members to give a direct debit authorization (SEPA-mandate) for payment of the annual membership fee which is revocable at any time.
The membership fee is always debited from your account on the 1st July of the current year. Please inform us in time if your bank details change by email to the secretary (sf(at)

Members who have not given a direct debit authorization yet should independently transfer the fee to the account of the GK until the 1st July of the current year. You will not receive an invoice of the membership fee but will be remembered about the payment date via e-mail. The bank details can be requested from the treasurer (sm(at)
Since the fees are below 200€, a basic donation receipt is sufficient for tax purposes.
The GK is a non-profit organization, the membership fee is used for scientific support of societal activities and in no case for private economic benefits or salary of the steering committee. For more detailed information please see the statue (available in German).

Termination of membership:

If you would like to terminate your membership, you can send a mail or e-mail to the treasurer (sm(at)
Please consider the relevant deadlines: The membership can be terminated only until the end of the calendar year (see statute). The period of notice is the 30th November.

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