Call for Fellowships – April 2023 – March 2024 – Deadline for applications: 30th of November 2022 – Center for MInd and Cognition @ Ruhr University Bochum

The Center for Mind and Cognition is a platform at the Ruhr-University
Bochum that aims to foster interdisciplinary research at the
intersection of philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, computational
modelling, neuroscience and other areas of cognitive research in
engineering, law and educational research. We are pleased to announce an
international call for fellowships from April 2023 to March 2024 aimed
at outstanding researchers.

*_Fellowship No. 1:_**Short-term Senior Fellowship (2 weeks: 1500 Euro)*

*Episodic Memory and Spatial Representation*

The hippocampus is commonly studied as if it has disparate functions in
different species: episodic memory in humans and spatial representation
in rodents and other species. The fellow should be able to contribute
towards a conceptual and/or computational theory that accounts for both
functions in a single unified framework. Applicants should have strong
interdisciplinary interests across neuroscience, psychology, and
philosophy. They must hold a PhD and have published at least three
peer-reviewed articles on a related topic. Please direct inquiries and
applications to Prof. Dr. Sen Cheng (

*_Fellowship No. 2:_**Senior Fellowship (1 month: 3000 Euro/month) or
Postdoc Fellowship (1 month: 2000 Euro/month)*

*Philosophy of Perception and/or (Formal) Epistemology*

Applicants must hold a doctoral degree and have a publication record in
at least one of the mentioned areas of research. The applicant for the
fellowship is expected to work at least on the level of postdoc.
Ideally, the applicant’s research during the fellowship is relevant for
the research conducted by the Emmy Noether Research Group ‘From
Perception To Belief and Back Again’ or by one of its members.
The Research Group conducts interdisciplinary research at the
intersection of epistemology and cognitive science. The successful
candidate will have access to the university library, computer
resources, and will be provided with an office space during her or his
research stay. In addition, the successful candidate will be welcome to
participate in all the intellectual activities of the Institute of
Philosophy II, the Center for Mind and Cognition, and the Emmy Noether
Research Group. For further information and for submitting your
application, please contact the principal investigator Peter
Brössel (

*_Fellowship No. 3:_**Senior Fellowship (1 month: 3000 Euro/month) or
Junior Fellowship (2 months: 2000 Euro/month)*

*Predictive Processing*

Senior applicants are expected to work at least on the level of an
associate professor and should be able to connect with the work in the
team of Prof. Tobias Schlicht. They should have an outstanding
publication record in the area of philosophy of mind and/or cognitive
science. Junior applicants should have a PhD and at least published four
articles in peer-reviewed journals. Please send your application as well
as requests for further information to Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht
( <>).

*_Fellowship No. 4:_**Junior Fellowship (1-2 months: 2000 Euro/month)*

*Episodic Memory and the Self**__*

The fellowship should be dedicated in philosophical theory formation:
The fellow is supposed to contribute to the theory of the interaction
between memory and the self: how is episodic memory recall shaped by the
self-model? How and to which extent is the self constituted by the
memory system?

The theoretical fellowship is especially connected with chair of Prof.
A. Newen but also with the neuroscientist Prof. Dr. Nikolai Axmacher.
Both principle investigators are closely interacting concerning this
research area and the fellow will be integrated in a DFG-research unit
“Constructing Scenarios of the Past”. Please send applications to: Prof.
Dr. Albert Newen (

*_Fellowship No. 5:_**Senior Fellowship (1 month: 3000 Euro/month)*

*Philosophy of AI and Animal Cognition**__*

Applicants are expected to work at least on the level of an associate

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