Interdisciplinary College IK2020. Focus theme: Curiosity, Risk & Reward

Dear Colleagues, Friends of IK and any Curious Minds,

as the co-chairs for the Interdisciplinary College (IK) 2020 spring school, we are excited to announce that the programme for the event is now complete and that the registration is open.

In case you have not heard about it, IK is an annual one-week spring school, which offers a dense, intensive, and state-of-the-art course program in neurobiology, neural computation, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and related areas. It is aimed at graduate students, postgraduates, and researchers from academia and industry. By combining humanities, science, and technology, the unique event aims to intensify dialogue between – and connectedness of – researchers in the various disciplines.

IK 2020 will take place in Günne at Lake Möhnesee in Germany (near Dortmund) from March 13 to 20, next year. The deadline for early bird registrations is January 7th, 2020.

The focus theme will be *Curiosity, Risk & Reward: Shaping Autonomous Intelligence*. Curiosity is an exciting, yet comparatively underexplored interdisciplinary research topic that is currently seeing growing interest from many areas, including artificial intelligence, decision making, robotics, as well as learning and development in biological systems.

The diverse program will include introductory, focused, as well as practical courses and more.

As selected highlights, we will be able to host evening lectures by:

Celeste Kidd, University of California, Berkeley
Bing Brunton, University of Washington, Seattle
Alex Kacelnik, Oxford University
Tanja Schultz, Universität Bremen

For further information, please see the attached flyer and:

Please feel encouraged to share this announcement with your groups or with any further colleagues or students.

We thank you for your consideration and support and are hoping to see you, or some of your colleagues or group members at IK 2020 next year.

Yours sincerely,

Jan Smeddinck
Katharina Rohlfing
Terry Stewart