Open positions in executive functions training and empirical data acquisition

Dear valued colleagues,

The scientific mission of the Max Planck Research Group for Rationality Enhancement ( <>) at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen is to lay the scientific and technological foundations for helping people improve their minds, achieve their goals, and become the persons they want to be. Our research combines empirical methods from psychology with computational modeling, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction to answer fundamental questions about goal setting, goal pursuit, and cognitive growth in synergy with developing practical tools and strategies for supporting and promoting these essential cognitive abilities.

Executive Functions Training Project
In our project on executive functions training (project leader: Dr. Maria Wirzberger) we develop a computer-based training application that helps people to stay focused and avoid distractions in real-world study and work environments. This involves conducting field experiments and lab studies with the existing software prototype with different target groups and use cases (e.g., university and high school students, knowledge workers, participants with attention disorders).

To support the next steps in this line of research, we are currently looking for a researcher (100%, pre- or postdoc) with a strong educational background in a relevant discipline such as cognitive or educational psychology, educational technology, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, or similar fields. The position requires solid prior experience in conducting and designing behavioral experiments and statistical data analysis <>

For interested students from relevant disciplines, we also offer the opportunity for a paid internship (duration individually negotiable). <>

Empirical Data Acquisition
We also have open positions for student research assistants for supporting data collection, preparation, and analysis across different empirical research projects. Applicants should hold a background in psychology, cognitive science or similar fields and have solid prior experience with designing, conducting, and analyzing behavioral experiments with human participants. <>

Furthermore, we are looking for a study coordinator (full- or part-time). The position is also suitable for applicants with an educational background in psychology, cognitive science or similar fields and a high affinity for completing organizational tasks. <>

The starting dates for all positions are flexible. You can contact me if you have questions regarding any of these positions and/or the executive functions training project. Applications including the required documents should be sent directly to <>.

Please feel free to spread the word and forward our announcements to qualified applicants. Many thanks in advance!

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