PhD / Postdoc / Researcher / Internship Positions on Self-Improvement & Goal Setting

The Max Planck Research Group for Rationality Enhancement
<> is looking for Ph.D. students, postdocs,
or researchers with an M.Sc. degree interested in developing and evaluating
online tools for self-improvement [Ph.D. position
, researcher or postdoc position
or goal setting [Ph.D. position
, researcher or postdoc position
]. Internships and bachelor/master theses
on these topics are also possible.

Our mission <> is to lay
the scientific and technological foundations for helping people improve
their minds, achieve their goals, and become the persons they want to be.
Our research combines empirical methods from psychology with computational
modeling, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction to answer
fundamental questions about goal setting, goal pursuit, and cognitive
growth in synergy with developing practical tools and strategies for
supporting and promoting these essential cognitive abilities.

The *self-improvement* project investigates how we can leverage technology
to help people learn from their mistakes, extract wisdom from their
day-to-day experiences, and to get better at goal setting and
decision-making. We will develop and evaluate self-improvement apps that
help people reflect on their decisions, their goals, and their thinking.
The successful applicant will prototype potential web apps (e.g., using
GuidedTrack) and work with software developers. This empirical part of the
project will be performed in synergy with developing and testing models and
theories of metacognitive learning and self-improvement. [Job ads: Ph.D.
, researcher or postdoc position

The project on *helping people set better goals* combines behavioral
experiments, computational modeling, designing online tools, and
intervention studies to develop a scientific foundation and practical tools
for helping people set better goals. Upon identifying a promising
intervention, the successful applicant will work with software developers
to turn into a tool that can help millions of people. [Job ads: Ph.D.
, researcher or postdoc position

The starting dates are flexible. Applications should be sent to For questions about the projects please contact Dr.
Falk Lieder <> at

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