EXTENDED DEADLINE: PhD Fellowship in Philosophy at Ruhr-University Bochum



PhD Fellowship in Philosophy

Grant available at the Institute of Philosophy II

Ruhr-University Bochum

Call for applications


Thematic Framework: interdisciplinary philosophical project in the area of
theoretical philosophy of mind, language or cognition (open for suggestions)

At the Institute of Philosophy II of the Ruhr-University in Bochum a
fellowship for a PhD student is offered in the area of philosophy of mind
and cognition in the research group of Prof. Albert Newen. The fellowship
will be first contracted for 1 year and after an assessment can be further
extended for another 2 years (the planned full funding period for the PhD is
three years). Candidates should be interested in working out a project in
the area of the philosophy of mind, language and/or cognition. Project
suggestions are expected (max. 2 pages; see below).

Ideally the project is connected with one of ongoing projects in the group
of Prof. Newen: 1. Theories of Understanding Others; 2. Self-Consciousness
and Agency; 3. Theories of Emotion; 4. Philosophy of Neurosciences and their
Explanations; 5. Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence; 6. Theories of
Belief and Theories of Perception; 7. Experimental Philosophy

Preconditions: The applicants are expected to have an excellent M.A. (or
Staatsexamen degree) in Philosophy. Their area of expertise should be in
Philosophy of Mind/Cognition, Philosophy of Science or Philosophy of
Language and they should be familiar with at least one of the following
areas: Cognitive Psychology, Psychiatry, Behavioral Biology, Artificial
Intelligence or Cognitive Neuroscience.

The applicant need not speak German at the time of application but he or she
should be willing to learn German in order to be able to engage in everyday
conversations soon. The language for scientific conversation is English.
Candidates should be prepared to participate in weekly meetings of the
research group of Prof. Newen in Bochum. The PhD-project is worked out in
regular presence at the Ruhr-University and in close interaction with the
group of Prof. Newen.

The grant of 1.200 Euro per month is available from 1st of November 2019.
The funding is available for a period of three years (with an assessment
after the first year).

Please submit your applications with the usual documents (CV; copies of all
certificates; a list of publications, talks, conferences attended and
teaching experience; please add exactly either one chapter of the MA-thesis
or one manuscript at least ready for submission or one published article)
and please send an outline of a project for the PhD (max. 2 pages) via email
until 25th of September 2019 to (hard copy submissions cannot be returned):
sekretariat-newen@rub.de <mailto:sekretariat-newen@rub.de>