[ComCo-2019] Computational Cognition 2019, Osnabrück, Germany

Call for participation and contributions:

*Computational Cognition 2019 Workshop*
1-2 October, 2019, Osnabrück, Germany

www.comco2019.com <http://comco2019.com/>

** An interdisciplinary networking event / scientific workshop **

We would like to draw your attention to an upcoming scientific community

A lot is known about the neural signals underlying basic sensorimotor
processes and also a fair bit about the cognitive processes
involved in reasoning, problem-solving, or language. However, explaining
how high-level cognition can arise from low-level
mechanisms is a long-standing open problem in Cognitive Science. Therefore,
this workshop tackles problems such as grammar
learning, structured representations, or the production of complex
behaviors with neural modeling, aiming to contribute to the
re-integration of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence.

*COMCO 2019* brings together experts studying the mind from a computational
point of view to better understand human and
machine intelligence. Thus, if you are interested in the following or
related fields, this event is for you:

– Cognitive Science
– Artificial Intelligence
– Deep Learning
– Neuroscience
– Linguistics

This workshop will combine poster sessions and, invited speakers and
participants contributed talks in a networking and
ideas-exchanging event on the splendid setting of the Botanical Garden in

Invited and confirmed speakers:

– *Karl Friston*, University College London
– *Colin Phillips*, University of Maryland
– *Roger Levy*, Massachusets Institute of Technology
– *Terrence Stewart*, University of Waterloo
– *Will Monroe*, Standford University and Duolingo
– *Dieuwke Hupkes*, University of Amsterdam

We encourage participants to submit a 1-page (A4 format) abstract for
presenting their research projects at the poster session
and/or to give a 20 minute contributed talk among our invited speakers. For
that, please note the following deadlines:

– Abstract submission: September 1st
– Acceptance notification: September 10th
– Bachelor and Master students: 50 Euro
– Other participants: 125 Euro

Also, please note the following deadlines:

– Registration: September 1st
– Registration fee payment: September 15th
– Registration cancellation: September 20th

We are looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!

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*Organized by the ComCo-2019 Team:*
Britta Grusdt
Marc Vidal De Palol
Chris Lukanov


Institute of Cognitive Science,
*University of Osnabrück*