ECDA-19 (Bayreuth) Special Session Interpretable ML

==Special Session on Interpretable Machine Learning at ECDA 2019==

We are organizing a session on “Interpretable Machine Learning”
for the European Conference on Data Analysis (ECDA) which will
take place in Bayreuth from March 18th to 20th 2019. This is a
follow-up to a session to the same topic which has been held at
ECDA 2018.

The scientific program of the conference features many
specialized sections, which are filled based on submitted
abstracts. Full papers may be submitted after the conference for
journal publication. For details please refer to the conference
Web site <>.

For our session “Interpretable Machine Learning”, we solicit
contributions that (i) discuss and evaluate the interpretability
of various types of machine learning models, (ii) use
representations which are understandable by experts and even
non-experts, (iii) introduce models that can be inspected,
verified, and possibly also modified by non-expert users,
(iv) offer explanations or visualizations of their decisions,
(v) develop methods for interpretable learning in complex domains
like multi-target learning or structured output prediction.

Being aware of your contributions and interest in this topic, it
is my pleasure to invite you to contribute with a submission to
the session. The deadline for submission is *December 31st, 2018*.

It would be great if you could participate. Should you have any
further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

Ute Schmid, Cognitive Systems Group, University of Bamberg
Johannes Fürnkranz, Eneldo Loza Mencía
Knowledge Engineering Group, Technische Universität Darmstadt