AI Topic Leaders & Research Engineers/Scientists at Alpha Health

Alpha, Europe’s first Moonshot innovation company ( –
operating out of beautiful Barcelona and working with a network of
collaborating institutions all around the globe – are searching for
founding staff for the new Alpha Health AI Lab.

The AI team in Alpha Health is set up to tackle some of the biggest AI and
Machine-Learning challenges we face when working on the Moonshot of
eradicating chronic diseases from the list of top causes of death. Our team
will consist of an interdisciplinary group of world-class research
scientists in the fields of computer science, maths, computational
neuroscience, physics and machine-learning. We build proof-of-concept stage
prototypes to solve some of the key challenges in AI and Machine-Learning
in the field.

We currently are searching for:

– AI Topic Leaders (Empathic AI//Anonymous & Distributed ML//Trustworthy
– AI Research Engineers (Full-Stack, ML):

If you want to know more, have a look at the job ads following the link(s)
and/or send a message to me ( or Pascal Weinberger (, adding the tag [AlphaAI] to the subject
If you decide to apply, please include the tag “[GK-EV]” as identifier in
your contact message, remembering the old proverb: “Tell me which are your
mailing lists…”. 😉

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