Spatial Cognition 2018: Doctoral Colloquium

Call for Submissions: Doctoral Colloquium
Spatial Cognition 2018 <>
Conference dates: 5-8 September 2018
Location: Tübingen, Germany

Submission deadline: 25 May 2018


Spatial Cognition is a biennial conference concerned with the acquisition, organization, and utilization of knowledge about spatial objects and environments, be it real, virtual, or abstract, human or machine. Spatial Cognition comprises research in different scientific fields insofar as they are concerned with cognitive agents and space, such as cognitive psychology, linguistics, computer science, geography, philosophy, or education. Research issues in the field range from the investigation of human spatial cognition to mobile robot navigation, including aspects such as wayfinding, spatial planning, spatial learning, internal and external representations of space, and communication of spatial information. SC 2018 will bring together researchers working on spatial cognition from all of these perspectives.

The goal of the Spatial Cognition 2018 Doctoral Colloquium is twofold. Firstly, the colloquium will provide senior graduate students and recent Masters and Doctoral graduates with the opportunity to present their research in a short (20 minute) talk format. Established researchers will provide feedback and comments on each of the presentations. Secondly, the colloquium will provide students with an opportunity to network with each other as future colleagues.

In previous Spatial Cognition Doctoral Colloquia, lively and useful discussions have  enabled students to receive suggestions about their on-going research and allowed more experienced participants to hear some fresh ideas and view some of the new trends in the field.

Participants will be selected for the Graduate Symposium based on the submission of an abstract describing their research (see the Submission section). Submissions will be peer reviewed. Participants may submit for both a poster during the regular conference and for a talk at the Doctoral Colloquium. Doctoral colloquium presentations will be listed in the conference program but will not be published in the proceedings (and hence may be published elsewhere).


Submissions should be brief abstracts of the work, describing the theoretical motivation for the work, the primary methods, and a short summary of the results. Abstracts should not exceed 500 words. Submissions that focus on any aspect of spatial cognition research are welcome. Each student may only submit one abstract.

The abstract must be submitted by emailing them to the Chair of the Doctoral Colloquium, Liz Chrastil by

25th May 2018

Send abstracts to: chrastil     {[AT]}

Please include “Doctoral Colloquium Submission” in the subject line

Questions may be directed to the same email