1st Interdisciplinary Conference on “The Open Self – Investigating…“

Call for Papers and Posters: 1st Interdisciplinary Conference on “The Open Self – Investigating the Boundaries of the Self: Bodily, Social and Technological“, Technical University of Berlin, 5-7th September 2018

Theme: Where do I end, where do you begin? Understanding the human self remains one of the greatest research challenges of our time. One of the most vexing issues in this respect has to do with the boundaries of the self. This interdisciplinary conference investigates the challenges and opportunities of an open and distributed perspective on the human self, thereby exploring how neural, bodily as well as environmental (intersubjective, cultural and technological) components contribute to the generation and maintenance of the self’s boundaries.

Our speakers to date include:
Anthony Chemero, Giovanna Colombetti, Karl Friston, Shaun Gallagher, Verena Hafner, Sara Heinämaa, Hazel Rose Markus , Alva Noë, Wolfgang Tschacher

Conference Topics:
– philosophical, phenomenological and other theoretical or formal perspectives emphasizing an open and distributed outlook on the self
– the development of the self and the dynamics of stability and change
– synthetic approaches to the bodily and relational self
– neuroscientific accounts of the self in social and technological interaction
– experimental research on the relation between agency and intersubjective processes as well as technology (e.g. wearable or VR).

Please see the conference website for more details: www.openself2018.com <http://www.openself2018.com/>

More information on the conference program and how to register will be published soon on the website.

Call for Papers and Posters
We are accepting submissions of abstracts for papers (20min oral presentations) or posters. The submission of abstracts should include:
1.         The title of the proposed contribution
2.         Indicate whether the proposal is for a poster or an oral presentation (please indicate if you would be willing to present a poster if your oral presentation is not accepted)
3.         The name(s) of the authors, together with affiliation(s) and phone number(s)
4.         The abstract should not exceed 300 words and must highlight how your research relates to the conference theme.

Please submit your proposals to openselfberlin@gmail.com <mailto:openselfberlin@gmail.com> (subject: abstract OpenSelf)

Abstract submission deadline: 1 June 2018
Notification of acceptance: 15 June 2018

Scientific Organisation
Dr. Miriam Kyselo (TU Berlin)
Dr. Laura Galbusera (TU Berlin)