GK Best Paper Award (2014-2016)

The GK best paper award (€ 250) will be dedicated to the best publication on a cognitive science related topic of a PhD candidate or a junior researcher who has finished their PhD within the last three years. Applications are accepted for papers that have been published or accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals or at highly-reputed conferenced since May 2014.

Please send your application in a single pdf file by 06 August 2016 to
vs1(at)gk-ev.de. This file should contain

  • the published paper
  • the publication data or the notification of acceptance of the journal / the conference
  • the CV and list of publications of the applicant.

The prize will be awarded at KogWis 2016 (http://kogwis2016.spatial-cognition.de) and the awardee will be given the opportunity to present their work in a dedicated program slot.